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Rodney Fry will assign refs and fields for all Lightning -Centerton Rec, Lightning-Pea Ridge, Academy, Flash, and Classic games. All game requests are due 7 days prior to event. Field and Ref Request Form


What is a

Practice: Your teams schedule practice time. All practice time(s) must go through Director of Coaching TD

Game/Scrimmage: Lightning vs any other team -- you must have full crew of refs if Offside is called, if offside is not called you can have 1 Center ref only

Friendly: Lightning vs Lightning -- You can have 0 Refs, 1 Ref, or 3 Refs

Lightning Spring Classic April 12 & 13

NWA Lightning Spring Classic Invitational 2014

April 12 -13, 2014

Referees Please sign up here

Very Limited amount of Hotels please sign up early

Laws of the Game for Lightning Spring Classic Invitational

USYSA rules with three (3) games minimum.
U8 & U9 -6v6, U10/U11-8v8, U12-8v8 & 11v11, U13+ 11v11
Note U8/9 will enforce offsides subject to the refs discretion.
All other divison follow normal FIFA rules.



How Well do you understand Offsides

 To better understand offsides all referees please review and watch this short video. Click on the link below

Referee News

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Referee W-9

Click Here to download instructions and W-9 tax forms.  A W-9 is required to referee with our club.

So you want to be a referee for NWA Lightning?

All officiated NWA Lightning games use USSF certified referees. The club supports and sponsors referee education with the help of the Arkansas Referee Committee. Dates and locations of training and recertification classes will be posted here and can be found on

Rodney Fry will assign refs and fields for all Lightning -Centerton Rec, Lightning-Pea Ridge, Academy, Flash, and Classic games.  All game requests are due 7 days prior to event.  Field and Ref Request Form


Phone:  479-802-8022

Rodney Fry will assign all refs for NWAL hosted Tournaments


How will I get paid?

See ref payscale on the left regarding crew format and pay rate.

Field request form is located under "documents and forms" on home page. 


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